Did your Governor, like mine, just include future essential Federal Workers working without salary to our State Unemployment Benefits?

Initiated by concerned voters, including myself, who have their families as our community members. If your Governor has not acted to protect all state residents why was that person elected ? We only hope this saves the White House and our USA 1% of the most wealthy from another Garage Sale in-lieu-of taxes to support US Armed Forces

A Hunch

Many states have already included unemployment benefit for furloughed government employees and I could care less if other states want to expand it. - The employees are not eligible to "keep" the money. Once they have received their back pay then they are required to return the UI. So it costs the states a little bit in claims processing, payment processing and collections. In the scheme of these, it's not worth enough to bother about.


I have no idea about ours, like I need to check up on the recent stories and updates.