Why are people stupid enough to believe Trump, the Tories & the EU care about the Venezuelan people & not their oil?


Freethinking Liberal

Because they believe the Daily Mail at al. It is called 'stupidity'


It's a joke that the US puppet they're trying to get recognised is considering US military intervention, it just shows the US is nothing more than an Evil Imperialist Empire, how can this puppet let this happen? 30 pieces of silver? he should be hung strung and quartered or chopped up and fcuked into the sea

Slim McCheesy

Well the winning argument seems to be, if you don't support our anti-democratic imperial aggression, we're going to label you an apologist of communist dictatorship and nobody wants that in PC Britain.


Because they are stupid - I mean how does it compare to the situation in Yemen?


Oil is yesterday's power word since the Americans started to frack without the planet splitting asunder. So today it is more likely to be true revulsion of oppression which motivates them.


Every fcker's got oil, it ain't the black gold it used to be and most of it will never be drilled as it'll be a redundant fuel by mid-century.


tell a lie long enough and hard enough it becomes the truth Joseph Goebbels the Nazi said, Britain that fought and died for each other so bravely in 2 WWS are now at each others throat its powerful stuff this sh** that's been poured down their throat for 50 years look at them there is no love or respect for anyone its not stupidity its sheer apathy let them get on with it how fu**ing pathetic are we


Who gives a damn for Venezuelans - what did they ever do for you!