Do you think that Trump should authorize military action to remove Maduro in Venezuela by force?



No. The situation poses no threat to the US or its allies.

retired old sarge

NO... we can do many other things then use our military TO INTERFERE in another countries politics... That would be worse then the SO CALLED RUSSIAN COLLUSION IN OUR ELECTION... At Lease Russia did not invade us to change our government.

Lone Star Patriot

That would be a mistake. It would make Maduro a martyr and give pro-Maduro forces something to fight for.


The US should stay the eff out of anything that doesn't involve it or its allies. A nation's internal matters is only that nation's problem; no one else's


Of course not.

Jingoist Jones

Definitely not. Just mind our own business and wait this thing out. We are NOT the world police.


The US should not interfere in any country. Also who benefits if American soldiers die? The US elites, not the common Americans

Green Brick

Only if he's prepared for another country to authorise military action to remove him from Office.





Alvin Colmes



NO .Airlift food with the message from the USA with love.


Yeah, because that worked so well in Iraq. ๐Ÿ™„

Jimmy C

Nobody but the Venezuelan people should do that. However, you can bet that there are hundreds of American agents in there monitoring the situation and helping thiings along quietly. At the same time, there will be hundreds of Russian agents ther trying to keep theri man in power. The danger is if Russia decides to go full scale with a military intervention, as in Ukraine. In that case the US had better be ready to get there first. Trump is too wishy washy to do anything that might upset Putin though, so he would sit back and let it happen.


No. Itโ€™s nothing to do with him.


No we have other ways.


No, not at this time. I think this is a job for the United Nations.. or maybe South America can take care of their own problems. I also do not think we should let all those unhappy Venezuelans come to live in the U.S. either!


Hope so Just another blow to his reelection chances


No. Trump is fishing for a war he can win. Same bullsh*t with Reagan and Granada and Bush and Panama. They need to shut this a$$h0!3 down.

Andrew the Mullin

No I donโ€™t.

Jerry S


Forty Licks

Yeah go ahead and award more military medals than those who actually took part and ask Clint Eastwood the lead the charge

Judy & Charlie

What for?


NO absolutely not. Now if he attacks our embassy a military response would be appropriate.

extreme weeb

No. Maduro is pretty bad but there still might be peaceful ways out of the crisis.


The Politics of another country are none of his business and he should butt out and worry about the mess he has created in his own country.


trump only builds walls so NO

Tad Dubious

Yes. I am sure it has already crossed his mind. Then the sane people came in while he was sleeping and whispered in his ear about Big Macs and he forgot all about it. Oh, I have no doubt he has/is considering it.


No. Russians should not put a military base there to infuriate the Americans either, Military coup is the usual way in Latin America and that only happens when the soldiers don't get paid.


No we have other ways.