Why is the president asking for more global warming to deal with a problem caused by global warming?

Is he a bit thick The Arctic is experiencing record warm temperatures and pushing cold air south, doesn't he have advisor's 😂


Ew... you just had to say "bit thick".😷 EDIT: Thank you..that's better. Trump will not be moved by climate change issues. It's literally a waste of time.

retired old sarge

Record Low Temps across the northern states... HOW EXACTLY IS THAT WARMING when there are already people FREEZING TO DEATH.... Thats not WARMING...


Climate changes in a cyclical fashion. Humans and animals must adapt. Like they always have.


So now snow is caused by warming? Or you are a brainwashed fool? Which? Idiot. Turd. Fascist.

Slim McCheesy

The guy makes Forest Gump look like a chess champion



Jimmy C

Well expressed. You have pointed out the fallacy with a few words. Trump and his followers do not seem to grasp basic scientific concepts and do not understand climate and weather, or why the ice caps are disappearing.

Mike L

That is an understatement.


Yes he is.


Trump is an immature narcissistic sociopathic moron.


He's an idiot