What is exactly is the "Men Rights" movements about?

what exactly are their goals? I've heard all sorts of crap from many sides, some positive stuff that seem like human rights, some ugly stuff that paint them in a bad light... What exactly this about? honest and respectful answers. Peace


Well, for one, we don’t want men to be falsely accused of rape and then be automatically assumed to be guilty (especially if we’re a white conservative male) We don’t want men to get screwed over in divorce/family court, where women currently almost always get custody even if she’s a bad mom who does drugs and doesn’t work and the dad is a good father We want the narrative about “men earn more than women” to be a little more honest regarding the fact that women voluntarily choose more fun, lower paying jobs instead of the stressful, higher paying jobs men do (on average), and women on average work less hours. Obviously women will say “there’s exceptions to this! Not all women work easy jobs!” Well, yeah, but not all women earn less than men either. Some women earn more than men. So what’s your point? We also don’t want women to be able to physically assault men and get away with it. We want there to be MUTUAL RESPECT regarding not using violence as a way to express anger.


load of macho BS probably.

Sir Prince Kenny

What charles has said and not a word less.