How is the right wing media able to brainwash people into voting for austerity whilst getting them angry about an increase in crime?



Not another REMOANER question! Look, get a life and support a democratic decision instead of whinging like a demented sheep

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

your non americans, who cares

Atheist Dude

Ok not sure.


They blame it on the blicks


Madness knows no bounds.

David 420™

Constant exposure, I suppose. Most of the "easy to read" papers have a pro-Tory bias which they don't hide. It explains the cognitive dissonance we often see when Labour and Tories actually do the exact same things, but Labour gets criticised while the Tories don't get scrutinised. As for the increase in crime, that's easy just blame the foreigners that Labour let in, even the hundreds of thousands which have came since the 2010 General Election....

Andrew the Mullin

Plenty of pics of scantily clad women and men and lots of Kardashians. The biased news is then cunningly inserted in the midst of all this.


most are owned by rich capitalists the Banks got away with the biggest daylight robbery in history in 2008 and the poor were punished for it and have been ever since an unmarried mother getting a council house is front page news Fred Goodwin head of the diabolical RBS when it crashed lives in luxury in a mansion with a pension to match is unknown to you am I right ? Joseph Goebbels the NAZI tell a lie long and hard enough it becomes the truth the country hates welfare scroungers they were taught to give your tax to the banks and the rich like these parliamentary clowns £160K a year