Are Brexiters still fighting WW2?


Anonymous: No. Waterloo

No. Waterloo: We didn't want a Napoleonic federal Europe then and we don't want one now.


No, they are fighting being a member of the United States of Europe.

Holloway Road

Fighting mass unskilled alien invasion from the Muslim world


We are fighting against an undemocratic, German dominated, pan-European super state. Ok wait......


We never were fighting WW2 or any world war. We ARE still fighting... to leave the EU.


Close. We are actually fighting to get our country back from EU enemies. And by March 29th we will have succeeded!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Brexiters are not fighting ww2,they are patriots standing up for BRITAIN.


Yes..The Battle of Britain part 2


No, But the way we have been treated by our so-called Friends in the EU we should have negotiated a peace with Hitler once we won the Battle of Britain


nope they are trying to get the UK back to where it was pre-WW1


That implies a conflict with the EU which is incorrect. There is no animosity between us. Both sides wish to resolve the issues amicably. However the EU is a club that wishes to protect it's cohesion. If they were to be seen to offer us a favourable deal other countries would follow our example. So it's very likely we will leave without a deal. This allows us to trade with the rest of the world. I also suspect that the EU will wish to maintain certain existing contracts with us or their automotive industry, to name one, will suffer a massive blow. 29th March can't come quick enough for me.


Get a life. Remoaners wish to be governed by Germany and WW2 Brits were opposed to that.

A.J. Mansions


Dolly 1

I don't know whether to laugh or shake my head sternly at your question. Do you honestly not find any issues with what the EU are implementing? 1. Under the EU, there have been several cases in England which have been overturned by an EU judge, simply because they disagree with the outcome of the case. Many have not even stepped foot into the U.K 2. Did any of us vote for the 5 EU presidents? No? So who did? This is supposed to be a democracy after all. 3. Open borders. Open borders without having the facilities to check each migrant of any criminal background properly . YouTube presented a documentary from the people located at various check points in Europe. Who stated they were so "overwhelmed" that they just sent migrants through without doing the checks. They just didn't have the man power. And in many cases they didn't see this as an issue because the majority of the migrants/immigrants weren't staying in their country of origin. How many of these migrants have been members of Islamic state? For security reasons do you think it is wise to let criminals into the country? Open borders without checks will do just that. People today talk about cities burning in Sweden, knife crimes and gun violence in Germany from unchecked migrants but this is nothing, Compared to what will happen with open borders. 4.Both Makron and Merkle have spoken about the NEED for an EU Police force. When people like Nigel Farrage were speaking about it, everybody laughed at him and called him idiotic. However, towards the end of last year. The American President Donald Trump and the French President Emmanuel Macron had a meeting. It did not go well and Immediately afterwards an overly emotional Emmanuel Macron declared that the EU needed an EU army. The next day Merkle echoed this same request. A few weeks ago the pair signed an agreement regarding their shared border. Still people were not paying attention. During this time the EU decided to raise taxes I've heard so many different reasons as to why but one of them was the "green tax." This left many French Citizens unable to eat. Some had to chose between eating or putting petrol in their car. French citizens have had their taxes risen. Meaning for many they have had to make the choice between eating for the week or putting petrol in the car. Which is why the "Yellow Vests movement" started. French people from different backgrounds from teachers to hotel staff e.t.c Started a peaceful protest against the injustice happening under the EU. Meanwhile the mainstream media have reported it as being a short protest which ended after a few weeks, French journalists who have not been arrested. And French citizens with acess to the internet have reported that it is still going on. French Police have been ordered by Macron to aim for the chest when shooting the protesters. Not the arm or leg, the chest. He has also hired mercenaries and Merkle has lent him some of her German police officers. So far a child has had her jaw broken, a French man was shot two times in the head with a bullet and is now in a coma, 81 have been killed by the police and, over 100 have been maimed. The police are also using flash bombs on the protesters and from helicopters, dropping illegal gas on the citizens. Gas which Nato and many others have said is illegal.. If Macron can do this to his own citizens with no opposition from the EU and encouragement from Merkle. Such brutality. Imagine how others will be treated under the EU army? A recent thing which has now occurred is that French citizens who have participated in the protests are being arrested in the night, as well as the journalists and those who decided to seek legal aid against what is happening to them. Solicitors who were working on the case have also, been arrested. Here is a recent link from what is now happening in France from a channel which YouTube has not yet deleted. 5. Since we have had an influx of migrant/immigrants from certain areas. Crime has risen. Acid and knife attacks in London. Islamic state attacks rising. Some of them like the convert "Sarah Braitwait" also known as "The White Widow" even committed terrorists attacks abroad. There are now also rising cases of some EU migrants being involved in people trafficking. There was a case of an English Instagram model who was kidnapped by some polish men and thrown in a car boot and on her way to auction, it became known that she was a mother which was the ONLY thing which saved her. Saying all cultures are not equal is not racist. And if Muslim converts can commit such atrocities,and EU migrants can get privileges to stay in the E.U. Simply because they are EU citizens then participate in human trafficking? We really do need to start seriously questioning why our government are creating such a hostile environment for the majority. And now Merkle has requested that everyone be monitored online. Already there have been a few cases of people, arrested for "hate speech" when it is simply an opinion they are stating and not a racist remark. If I say that we need to speak about the black boys in London killing each other, does that make me a racist? Brexit even a No Deal Brexit, is better than being part of something which could turn our country into "1984" or, like a lawless land in "Judge Dredd." Remember this isn't just about you, this is about future generations. Your children, their children and so forth. We have to keep the country a hospitable place where real democracy exists, where they will have all of the luxuries and benefits which come with it.


no they talk a good fight anybody can especially on here and that is the problem like DEMOCRACY the best guys don't always win like the vote can't change the vote but we can change the contract to Europe when we want how wonderfully capitalist and a sign to the world how decent we are

DGH is back !

It is our countries greatest crisis since 1940 I think,so yes in a way.


Yes..they live in the past..


Nope. WW1. It never ended.

Salty dog

No, it goes much further back, It's the royalist against the republicans.


They are idiots, their main motivation is a not wanting free movement in their direction


No, they're fighting a rearguard action against basic common sense! Shame on them for inflicting Project Con on the unsuspecting population and then using it to place the 2016 vote in stasis to prevent a second referendum. What will it be next? No need to ever change the government again because you voted for one in 2017.


Brexiters still fighting WW1 in their fevered drunken imaginations - they are a disgrace to the men who died on continental soil for a peaceful Europe.

Andrew the Mullin

Yeh, thatโ€™s the backward mindset of the idiots who havenโ€™t got a clue.


Brexiters donโ€™t realize that the UK is so intangled with the EU that itโ€™s far more of a burden to leave than to stay.

John P

No - the Napoleonic Wars!


Brexshitters are spending most time fighting each other - to the lasting detriment of Britain!