Is Venezuala the socialist success story Corbyn and abbot claim it is? How Venezuela's children are paying a terrible price for their country's failed socialist experiment WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Venezuelan children dying from diseases which they once could have treated Fundacion la Casa de Ana is taking in children abandoned, sick and starving Children are being sold to paedophiles for sex so their families can eat Some hospitals have been abandoned by President Maduro's Government Sound familiar? Not uncle sam’s fault venezuala is run by dictators ripping off the country. But easier to blame the US than the failed ideology. Only a few years prior all corners of Corbyn’s camp hailed Hugo Chavez and then Maduro as shining examples of the change they wanted to see in the world: a vision to be replicated in Britain. So what’s with the hard left’s fetishisation of an actively totalitarian regime, in which civilians are starving and dissenters are locked up?


its a cesspit where people eat out of the back of a garbage truck. The UN should be in there.

Joy thru apathy

Destroyed by us sanctions


I dunno about Venezuela but Corbott would be disaster for the UK. They'd double public spending whilst their attempted tax hikes would lose revenue. LOSE REVENUE

Andrew the Mullin

More to do with the falling price of oil and sanctions I’d have thought. Nobody succeeds in the America’s unless they bow down to Uncle Sam. Such a coincidence.


The fact that that pair of disgusting freaks support the regime shows how out of touch with reality they are.