Does Nancy Pelosi owe us TWO walls now that her shutdown cost twice as much as the first one would have cost?



I agree


Right - build one to separate us from Canada!

John W

It was Trump's shutdown. He should pay for his own stupid wall.


Trump PROMISED he would make Mexico pay for the wall. He PROMISED. Trump DEMANDED the shutdown because Congress wouldn't make the US pay for the wall. To wit, when forced to actually follow through on his promise, Trump tried to take his ball and go home...except it isn't his ball! ALL OF THIS IS TRUMP'S FAULT.


trump will see a wall soon ... 4 of them

Thunderous Barbarian

It is time for all Americans to #walkaway from the democrats.

Yogi Best

Nancy pelosi is always 2 minded person.whether support trump on border wall or stand with her democrats party side.Now shutdown cost american people more what wall actually cost.She is main culprit in this decision making of shutdown.


ABSOLUTELY!!! She owes America Walls at both borders!!! ALL politicians swear to an Oath of Office that they will support and defend the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic (Soros, Obama and Mexican Drug Cartels). Any members of the Senate or/the House that support illegals over the U.S. citizens are in VIOLATION of their Oath of Office and MUST be REMOVED from Office - IMMEDIATELY! Pelosi MUST be REMOVED from Office - IMMEDIATELY!

Judy & Charlie

TRUMP SAID HE WOULD TAKE FULL AND TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS SHUT DOWN! What's the matter here....don't you believe the words right out of Trump's own mouth?


Yeah. She's a total sell-out of the country. She's sacrificing border security so she can get along with the far Left who want illegals to be legal. The laws currently on the books DO NOT support illegal immigration. She's aiding and abetting. I have no respect for her ignoring the law, or trying to circumvent it with some sort of misplaced sense of moral superiority. "Building a wall is not who we are as a people??"

The Lord Humungus.

Her shutdown? Trump claimed it was his shutdown more than once. Have you finally realized he is a liar?


So the only thing that matter is the cost, huh? In that case, since Trump''s shutdown cost $11B, I can think of a lot of other worthwhile things that the money could be spent on. Like infrastructure repair. Want a list?


no. blame trump


If I stopped someone from killing you, would I then have to let them kill two people??


I'll be proud to shut down the government Chuck, I won't blame you.


I suggest you hold your breath until you get them.


yeah.that'll happen ! and soon Trump's investigators will prove that Obama is Kenyan !