If he had been in Britain since he was four, had not been to Jamaica for forty years, why would he bother having a Jamaican passport?

Owen Haisley moved to the UK from the Caribbean with his nurse mother in 1977 In 2015 he was convicted of a domestic assault and spent one year behind bars Former youth worker is 1 of 50 with Jamaican roots due to be deported this week Another foreign national who is a convicted criminal being deported, sound reasonable? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6664881/Father-three-45-deported-Jamaica-convict-flight.html


He should be deported as we have enough criminals in the country without anymore.


Because, as I've ALWAYS told you ethnics are only paper British. They are aliens with alien values and always will be.


Hats off to the Home office...That will get the lefty liberal types reaching for their banners and out on the streets.


IF his parents had completed their paperwork fully and properly back in 1977 he wouldn't be being deported for crimes. He's Jamaican, NOT British.


Because he is a Jamaican? Why does anybody get a passport. So they can go on a ferry boat to pick up some duty frees or have a week in Ibiza or something.