Imagine how worried liberals are, terrified of TRUMPS WALL?

Why ? Well, it's rather simple kids. When the WALL goes UP, democratic votes go DOWN. lmao !- so simple,


That's quite the firm grip you have on contard fantasyland.


What wall? There will be no wall.


"When the WALL goes UP, democratic votes go DOWN. " Link please.


they're not., Why are you acting like a socialist, trying to make everyone pay for the wall when Trump demanded many times Mexico would pay for it? Have you ever heard even one liberals complain if Mexico did pay ?


Standard, probably foreign-paid anonymous conservatroll #22,681 of a series.

Kjelstad: I think it goes like this

I think it goes like this: Paul Weyrich As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down. Paul Weyrich Remarks to the Religious Roundtable (August 1980) This is why voter suppression is such a huge issue for republicans.


I'm only worried that border security won't be done intelligently.

Spirit of All

When the wall goes up, people knock it down. I know how illegal things get in by means of alternative ways but I’m not going to disrupt their business.

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Your comments make no sense, since it has been the REPUBLICANS who have had control of the House, the Senate, and the White House from January 20, 2017 all the way through to January 3, 2019 when the GOP lost the dollars-appropriating House of Representatives to the people-chosen Democrats. The tantrum-throwing lifts-wearing incompetent and uninformed pathological liar Donald Trump has been harping on "build a wall" on the brown-skinned people border for exactly how long? Stirring up hate and bigotry against brown people and immigrants was how Trump started his Russia-MAFIA-linked "campaign" in 2015 and on into 2016---and the "wall" was part of this initial campaign crap. Of course, "Mexico will pay for this wall" was also repeated ad nauseum by Trump and then by his duped crowds, some of them part of the planted people Russia's $1,000,000 per month used create the illusion that Trump was more popular than was actually true. A lot of Americans think he is a vulgar, crude, crass ignoramus so insecure that he has exaggerate everything, like his height (he is 5'10" and wears 4" lifts), his money (Bloomberg reveals he is deeply in debt to China, Russia, and is worth millions, not the billions he claims), and his "genius" (which he is NOT even close to being). Why would a "wall" terrify anyone---including the human traffickers who would just tunnel under or arrange for a climb over? Maybe the Texas landowners would be terrified of the "gubmint" (government) seizing their land for this NEANDERTHAL and USELESS deficit-exploding "wall" because Eminent Domain would have to be used to steal people's property if a wall is ever to be built. And how come it is TAXPAYERS (of which Trump is not included, since he has dodged paying taxes for many years) are supposed to be footing the 100s of billions of dollars this foolish vanity project of a "wall" which is how much the bottomless-pit project will cost. How do you build a wall in the middle of a river? How come President Obama was able to achieve NET ZERO illegal migration on the southern border by 2012 WITHOUT A WALL? Maybe Trump the dumb should simply implement the Obama policies and quit throwing his 3-year-old's "I WANT CANDY! MORE AND MORE CANDY!" temper tantrum right before a nutritious din-din---something NO WISE PARENT (or parental authority figures) would give the born-rich bully-brat spoiled-rotten toddler. To give in to this type of insanity is to invite even worse tantrums that put our entire nation (shutting down our Homeland Security, for Pete's sake!) in danger!!!




A wall is not going to prevent American citizens from voting Democrat. You did know that only American citizens can actually vote in American elections, right?


They’re not terrified - they’re intelligent people who recognize that a wall is not the answer. Many Republicans also understand that as well. Trump is far more terrified that the wall won’t get built then Democrats are afraid it will.


According to a 2015 report by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, 95% of drugs coming into the US were entering via container ships and other vessels.  In addition to drones and submarines, drug dealers and human traffickers rely on the trucking industry to move drugs and people via the 52 legal crossing points along the US border.  The incredible quantities of money generated by smuggling are often used to grease the palms of border agents and others who inspect vehicles entering the US.  None of this would be stopped by a wall.  see Experts say the available evidence does not support the idea that undocumented immigrants commit a disproportionate share of crime. There is no empirical evidence that immigration increases crime in the United States.[137] In fact, a majority of studies in the U.S. have found lower crime rates among immigrants than among non-immigrants, and that higher concentrations of immigrants are associated with lower crime rates. Drugs come through ports of entry, the wall would do nothing. Trump's wrong in saying drug smugglers don’t or only rarely use official border crossings for their trafficking. Land ports of entry are their primary means for getting drugs into the country, not stretches of the border without barriers, says the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


are you drunk? or just really stupid?


Those, Democrats, terrified of President Trump's Wall - ALL have a huge wall around their homes. What is insane is; 20-years ago - ALL Democratic presidents demanded a Wall and the liberals were fine with it. Now, President Trump wants to build the Wall and they are all upset. You just can't trust a brain dead, liberal, Left Democrat.




There's more to it than that. They've adopted the stance of using minorities as a way to gain power. They're using them as a human shield, to whine their way into power, by accusing the other side of oppression, racism, everything. It seems to work. But it is often inappropriate for the situation; but people are so scared, and want to avoid any possibility of being labelled a racist that they comply. 2019 has become the age of achieving power merely through accusation. They will exploit minorities in this way as much as they can. It's insincere concern. But I do believe that some Dems truly have good intentions, and not all of them are insincere. It's the politicians that are doing this deceit.

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What wall?


Is Putin paying you?

bamaisincontrol is a political stunt?


I wish it would go up, then what would Trump do after that distraction? nothing


Trumps wall ain’t going up anymore than his p*nis is Without a triple dose of viagra. Nancy scared his dick out of business


I can't wait foe the wall. I'll book my reservations to see the 13th wonder of the world. blueninja-quit harassing yahoos guests.


Lineral protestors will tear down that wall.