Was old winnie churchill the greatest brit ever or just another white supremacist mass murdering scum bag?

https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3803251/pier-morgan-good-morning-britain-ross-greer-winston-churchill/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18y88RIMYZM

blue sky

He fought in 3 wars, was brave to call Hitler a gangster knowing that if Britain was defeated he would be hanged, a great leader


Neither of those.

Dolly 1

I think we should just see Churchill as a man of his time. Yes he committed many atrocities and he was racist but he prevented Hitler from winning. Do you really think the world would have been better if he had lost? Where those with less superior genes were exterminated. Not just Jewish people and black people but the Slavs because he thought they were inhumane, anyone with a mental illness or learning disability, anyone who was a homosexual. He was the lesser of the two evils and for what he achieved. I will still be celebrating all of his victories.


He is the reason why Britons can still speak English as our first language in stead of German.


If he had got his way Operation Vegetarian would have gone ahead. That was a plan in 1942/44 to drop anthrax onto Germany. It would have killed millions.

Person with Question

"the greatest brit ever" I can see you're not setting the bar very high.

John P

By your reckoning most people in positions of authority in Britain over about 30 years ago were white supremacist mass murdering scumbags.


His record before WW2 was sketchy at bestbut he was the right man for the job at the time. FFS sake the present government has taken two years to get absolutely nowhere with Brexit. If we had a government like that in WW2 , Hitler would have been living in Buckingham Palace by 1941.

Irish mist

He should have allied with the Germans and we would still have an empire. Since the war the Americans have become more powerful and our countries invaded by the world and its wife.


He was declared the Best Prime minister of the 20 Century by the British People


he offered incredible options of vaLUE AND renewal at the company


had winston not been finally listened to by the brit ordinary citizen and retained chamberlain,,UK would have surrendered and the nation occupied by the germans,either the SS or luftwaffe cops germany with peace ( and dictatorship) in the west,could have bided their time,developed superfast jet fighters, worked on nuclear research toward developing the bomb,and effective rocket propulsion,,,,,they could have done in russia and n america,the canadians and the US. you people are donkey stupid

DGH is back !

Winston mobilised the English language and sent it into battle. Members need to have studied Winston for 40 years plus like me to be able to talk.


Whatever he was he was not the greatest Brit ever. He had nothing but contempt for ordinary working people which is why he was so heavily defeated in the 1945 election.

Sonny Sydup

I suspect during the first half of the 20th century, one didn't need to scratch too deeply under the skin of any politician to smell the stink of all kind of isms; think of how India was still treated - and Churchill had a part of that, and his gang of Brits. I'm sure there are people who remember Cardiff and Bristol in the early years, and Liverpool, with riots against Asians & Africans...and that before we go over to the Republic of Ireland, and the Black & Tans stretching their muscles.


Looks like he's become a punch-bag for the tiny band of scurrilous bourgeoise conspirators against the British state and its history who are still permitted to infest this forum.


He was a good actor all that "We will fight them on the beaches" Churchill never went anywhere near any action he was holed up with his whiskey in the bowels of the London underground Churchill and Victor Rothschild campaigned for Britain to go fight Germany ww2 for the Central bankers benefit - victor Rothschild was head of Central banking Also why when Churchill was mercilessly bombing Germany did he never accidentally bomb any Nazi work camps? Back then the Rothschilds controlled all portals of communication and easily tricked the British into war they are trying to do the same today with Russia but we have the Internet now


I still don't know what he was. I wasn't at all impressed with his slaughter of British and ANZAC troops at Gallipoli.


He made a good speech after a brandy. In 1945 he lost the general election. He was not one of your choices


He was somewhere in between those two


He was a warmonger and should have stood trial for what he ordered to happen to Dresden. He made millions from the war and was no different to Hitler in a lot of respects.

A.J. Mansions

Drunken bastard who covered up for William Forbes Sempill

Slim McCheesy

Generally he was a warmongering nuisance but we needed a beast to fight a bigger one or we'd be goosestepping to work


He was enemy personnel. He advocated conditions that would have threatened Racial Britons. He was also a proponent of the globalist efforts to politically and demographically combine Europe, advancing a greater amount of threatening conditions. That statue of him should be melted down with thermite.


Not only was he behind atrocities all over the world from Ireland to India, the Gallipoli shambles but he was singly most responsible for the civilianization of 20th century warfare of any figure in the 20th century. edit@: the making of civilians the prime target of war.