Why is Mueller indicting people when they don't correctly remember small facts in the proper time line, then call it lying and obstruction?

So far, is there any substance to the arrests? Is this the best he can do?


It is a witch hunt.. the glaring fact that it has gone on now for the 3rd year with no evidence, no charges, no info, no indictment on what it was supposed to find...'collusion with Russia to throw the 2016 campaign'...Nothing, nada! Proves it, and I don't like Trump, and I'm not a Trump voter. Instead Mueller charges and indicts anyone who is dumb enough to testify before him or 'cooperate' with this hack hitman, or his corrupt Congress...not for what he's supposed to be looking for of course...but if you cheated on your taxes, lied to your bank, lied to him, beat your spouse, have a shell company or picked your nose in Sunday school class. He's a hatchet man, and it's a political whack job. P.S. No American ever, ever has to 'testify' to Congress or a witch hunter Mueller....we have the 5th amendment and don't have to answer any questions ever.


Those are called Process Crimes. They have nothing to do with any actual crime before the fact. They result from inconsistencies in witness's testimony about other crimes, by other people, and are based on the assumption that any arguably untrue or incomplete statement they make is automatically a willful intent to deceive.


he's just milking this job 'til retirement .....................................................


It reminds me when I young, and found out that you get a ticket if you don't have your driver's license with you. I felt it wasn't morally wrong to not have it in my pocket, and that police have criminalized it just to make it more convenient for them, so they can process you. Sometimes, breaking the law is not morally wrong, and doing something morally wrong is not always illegal.


Thats what it looks like. Thats entrapment, very slick or should I say, sick. When Hillary was questioned for hours and kept saying she couldnt remember, she was not penalized. Unfortunately the special prosecutor can charge anybody with anything. He has to justify his job.

Jimmy C

It is funny how crooks all develop amnesia at a convenient time.


Because if you don't remember say you don't remember. Don't answer "no" or "yes" when you don't recall. It's a felony to lie to the FBI

John R

There is no indication that this is the case. Keep in mind that almost everyone charged with false statements has pled guilty as part of a plea deal in exchange for cooperation. They could have been charged with other crimes, but part of the agreement was to only charge them with lying. Take Flynn as an example. He pled guilty to false statements as part of a plea deal. The judge on the case has seen all of the evidence, and called Flynn a traitor in open court, The judge insisted on delaying sentencing because he was not satisfied with the plea deal. Clearly there were more serious charges that could have been leveled at Flynn.


I'm sorry if what's on Mueller's griddle has to choose between being grilled for the truth or roasted all crispy by reader for not telling the truth.


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