Who cares about brexit?



people who want to maintain their culture, society, phenotype, and genotype.


Most of europe by the looks of it.


Those whose future is affected, if they have any active braincells.


me and I live in australia


I care about a hard Brexit and a total divorce from the leeches in Brussels. The ungrateful pigs would have been under Nazi rule if it wasn't for Britain and this is how they repay us. We owe them nothing, but they owe us their liberty so it's strange that they are turning the EU into a totalitarian state which is exactly what Hitler would have wanted.


Any patriotic Brit who doesn't want to be ruled by a group of unelected people, in another country. People who care nothing about this country, its people, their welfare or wellbeing.

Joy thru apathy

I'm enjoying it. The whole thing is a farce. It's hilarious


When we go into a recession most Brits will care

Forrest Smock

Putin loves the idea.