Will pikeys and junkies be able to pick up the slack after we stop the flow of Eastern European grafters?

The Sun 😂 😂 😂 Time for your methadone Dot So how many mansions can you buy from the proceeds gained from moving my questions around all day?


The flow will never stop.


Yes, they are being bred at a an industrial pace although they are only industrious at crime.


Anyone will do anything for the right money. Well, almost. i'm just shtting myself about paying an extra 20p for a bag of carrots because the supply/demand driver tips in workers' favour.


I wouldn't employ them, but the unemployed should be made to do these jobs. No work no money.


Pikeys? That is a derogatory racial slur. You mean people that don't live in brick building or in boxes stacked one atop the other in high rise towers? Druggies. Go ask yourself why they end up on drugs in the first place. Perhaps if we had concentrated on our own people instead of letting 350,000 UNCHECKED migrants in a year, we wouldn't have such severe mental health statistics and drug users.