There going to be an Anti-American Rally at Super Bowl LIII, there is who's list there?

There a lot of controversies at Super Bowl LIII especially celebrities refuse doing the half time show due to siding with Colin Kaepernick. Today lead by Amy Schumer there is going to be an Anti-American rally at the Super Bowl, especially at the Half Time Show. There going to be taking a knee with flag stomping and flag burning. Who's going to be there? Amy Schumer and Hollywood and music celbs, Including Rogers Waters to Bruce Springsteen Secessionists, David Hogg, & Parkland students, March For Our Lives The Westboro Baptist Church, Elizabeth Warren, 9/11 Truthers, Flat Earthers, Anti- Vaxxers and the Perrier resistance via through video satellite : Vladimir Putin


It was a success, who cares what has beens like roger waters thinks? Funny how these Hollywood s’lebs Never criticise socialist dictators like the one clinging to power in venezuala. Or the many abusive African leaders. Anyone would think they were racists.....

Andrew the Mullin

Take you meds laddie.