Did you know that Medicare is the lowest quality of healthcare that shouldn’t be forced upon those who can afford better?

Medicare For All is essentially the same thing as forcing everyone to use Windows Defender because someone can’t afford a better anti-virus. Because one person can’t afford a better anti-virus, everyone must use the worst even if they could afford better. This is what Medicare For All is. Plus, it costs $32 trillion (or a 70 percent income tax).


The Medicare for all concept was always meant to be offered as an option for some people. No one is talking about forcing it on people who might still want to keep private insurance. Even today people on Medicare take out supplemental private policies to help them pay for specialized care. It sounds like you may have been reading conservative fake news to scare people about the concept.

Wage Slave

Medicare is health insurance, it is not health care. If you can afford/want supplemental coverage, that would still be an option. Federal spending on healthcare would increase by $32 trillion over 10 years, yes, but our overall spending on health care would actually decrease. The burden would be shifted from employers onto the public sector. As for the 70% income tax, the current proposal would be on $10 million / year or more of income. That tax would affect 2,000 people, or roughly 0.0006% of the population.

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Did you know that you can buy supplemental insurance to support your existing insurance, whether medicare or other? It's true. Intelligent people know this. Now you do too.


I have a Medicare supplement and all my medical costs are taken care of 100%. And no doctor or hospital has refused me care. It's great


Israel has Medicare for all. Should we boycott them?


The healthcare system in the USA is ranked 37th in the world. Canada has single payer healthcare and no one pays 70% income tax. By the way, the Canadian healthcare system is ranked 30th in the world.

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Here in the UK we have the superb National Health Service (NHS) which has served us very well for 70 years. I urge the great American nation to have such,but I suppose such a scheme should not be forced on anyone. Here the NHS is seen as a sort of safety net that covers even those who wants to use private medicine.


Do you think rich people should be able to fund their own premium fire department too? Or are you mad that poor people might be able to get healthcare and won't die as often?


Nonsenses, same basic care just a different payment structure. Medicare has a number of problems but it is not a lower standard of care.


YES so everyone would be insured


You have no idea how medicare works do you? NO ONE is forced to use medicare, if you don't want it don't sign up for it at 65 Also having worked in healthcare for 40 years and now using Medicare I know there is zero difference between the care I get and the one someone pays out of pocket for


stay healthy


Spoken like a true neo-liberal capitalist financial terrorist

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It would cost $32 trillion but our current system costs $34 trillion. It would SAVE $2 dollars. Because that's how math works. I don't know why you morons thinks Medicare for All will be added on top of our current system. People who opt in to Medicare don't have to still pay their private insurance and medical bills on top of that. This should be obvious but somehow you people miss this. Pointing to its raw cost as proof it is expensive is just so ridiculously stupid you could only expect to hear an argument like that from Republicans. And the World Health Organization rates the US's healthcare system as the 34th best in the world, and France, a system with universal healthcare, as the best.


Many doctors won't even accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. Fact.

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Yay democrats! Another "Fix" to the healthcare in America. The last one doubled/trippled the costs. This will be fix for all fixes.


Medicare is like Medicaid..the poor man's health insurance, and the quality fits the description.