Will the world end in 12 years?


DGH is back !

We know for certain the planet Earth will die in 5 billion years when our Sun runs out of fuel and implodes,however I dont think anything will happen in as little as 12 years.so no.


No.......and AOC will be in the Bronx serving her patrons once again their drinks and sandwiches. ๐Ÿ˜

Andrew the Mullin

Not if Trump has his way, heโ€™s going for 2019.


no more than it did 12 years ago or 12 years before that


More likely now that Putin and Trump have re-started the nuclear arms race. Conspiracy believers though will tell you there will be something like a supernova and intervention (to save a few) by aliens. It is thought by scientists that it would take a Type 2 Supernova closer than 26 light years distant to wreck the Ozone Layer. Other conspiracies include hushing up the return of the X Planet Niburu and aliens not deflecting a doomsday asteroid unless we wise up and stop ruining each other and the planet we live on.


Damn people predicted always..only God knows..just keep ur faith

daljack -a girl



It will for me, because I'll be dead by then


No, it will not. It may go through some drastic changes, good or bad. But it'll not end. Hopefully not.


It ends for us all some day, what's the difference?


No, it ends in 12 months.


No, the world will be around for much longer.


Probably not!!!

Sir Prince Kenny

Is that twelve calendar years or from the second you read this?


No one knows. If man doesn't destroy the Earth we have a few billion years before the sun destroys us, but if we make our own fusion ball we will be destroyed in 12 minutes, not 12 years.


'The world' is well on the way to planet-end already. Lasting another 12 years???


Yes, this is because of Global Warming, caused by Brexit.

Slim McCheesy

If a large enough meteor hits us


It is possible, security services around the world know that representatives from the religion of peace & others are desperately hunting for people with the knowledge of nuclear, biological & chemical weapons.


The point is, that if the current rates of carbon emission continue for another 12 years, global warming for the next 300 years will become inevitable, and the amount of global warming could lead to the death of most humans and the extinction of most species. That's what it means.