Is venezualas success story one that labour would like to see replicated across the ‘capitalist’ world? Only a few years prior all corners of Corbyn’s camp hailed Hugo Chavez and then Maduro as shining examples of the change they wanted to see in the world: a vision to be replicated in Britain. So what’s with the hard left’s fetishisation of an actively totalitarian regime, in which civilians are starving and dissenters are locked up? Lol....thanks for the laugh, now share it with the millions who were forced to leave venezuala due to mismanagement, but why not move there yourself dim, no job required?

Joy thru apathy

It's been destroyed by us sanctions

Andrew the Mullin

It doesn’t pay not to bow down to Uncle Sam, the drop in oil prices didn’t help either.

Anonymous: Yes please

Yes please: 'Venezuelans’ quality of life improved at the third-fastest pace worldwide and income inequality narrowed during the presidency of Hugo Chavez, who tapped the world’s biggest oil reserves to aid the poor.' (from Bloomberg article entitled 'Venezuelans’ Quality of Life Improved in UN Index Under Chavez') They already know that's why they were lining the streets in support of Maduro in far greater numbers than the reverse in the past week.