Accidentally talked to news reporter and now I see myself on the local news on video and in writing?

Ok, so I talked to a news reporter about the government furlough at a community event. I didn't know I was being recorded at first, and then when I did figure it out, I didn't say anything more. Of course I said my real first name, but I didn't say my last name. I wish I came up with a fake first name! I just watched myself, and I sound so stupid. The written article also sounds terrible! The view given off by it is completely wrong! It's only been 11 hours since it has been posted.. There are only 2 comments so far. There are 11 shares. There are about 70 likes. I wish I kept my mouth shut! I feel so stupid. How long before people forget? How long before the news article gets lost in with all of the news articles?


It will be gone soon. But I hope this stays with you, and that you share this story. Remember it everytime anyone harshly judges someone else making comments on TV. It's not a forgiving arena.

Jimmy C

It will be forgotten by tomorrow. Unless your name is Trump.