Do you believe everything the media says is true? Do you ever feel like the news is overexaggerating or lying?



It's rarely "lying", but there's definitely a tendency to focus more on getting the story first than getting it right. Also a tendency to sensationalize, frequently the wrong parts of the story. I usually try to look at a variety of sources: some mainstream, some independent. Some local, some international. Don't rely on any one source to the exclusion of others.


I believe absolutely nothing i hear from CNN or MSNBC and about half of what Fox has to say. There are no honest journalist anymore.. just a lot of liars!


I try hard to see events live or on tape, not just believe what the media might say.


when you hear the same report from different news channels, you have to believe it.


always check


I only trust the News from 3 sources SBS Australia DW news Germany and the BBC then if one disagrees with the Other 2 i will remain sceptical


Hell no, they lie through their teeth far too often.


sometimes, yes. not nearly as many lies as Trump. that's almost every day.

Dr. Killpatient

Not everything. They do make mistakes sometimes. However, I do not believe more than 1% of what Trump says, because he likes to lie and the only time he speaks the truth is when he inadvertently blurts it out, for example, when he told Lester Holt that he fired Comey to try to stop the investigation into Russian collusion with Trump.

Serene E

No, yes.

L. E. Gant

Not so much lying as not checking to find the real facts, so you get opinion rather than fact

The Game

of course, cnn told me a fake vet indian never lies.