Why did Syme think it would be advantageous to reduce every concept to one word, which was the ultimate aim of Newspeak?



I've already done that for Y!A and that word is - BoIIocks The advantage of that is immediately obvious and vindicates Syme absolutely Doubleplusbloodygood wot?


The idea was to restrict the capacity of people to think in ways which opposed the tenets of Ingsoc by denying them a vocabulary with which to do it.


It is a way to regulate thought.For instance, people who know more words for colours can identify and remember more colours. A recent example might be "global warming". How many people now think that phrase refers just to a general warming of the globe and how many think it means warming due to man? So, it is a way to channel thought and restrict nuances. It also made it difficult to translate historical documents into the newspeak system because the words do not align directly. That meant that history was partially hidden from most people.

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