Why does the media perpetuate a racial divide?



Divide and conquer

lilly of the valley

the media is owned by evil elites and they want us all fighting each other what the evil elites are most scared of is us uniting, working together to overthrow them


If people found out How many conservatives like myself, are not racist, we could begin to focus on all predjudice. As a conservative I judge people by their character as individuals. Most Cons I know are the same. If everyone judged the same way, much of this division could go away. Not only am I not a racist, but i teach single parent minority children how to repair ac and heat systems. I tell them that becoming self reliant, and independent of government aid, is the greatest form of freedom on earth. I tell them to focus on the future, not the past. Racism sells is why they do it.


The far-left media makes a racial divide, not the conservative media


it sells newspapers ......................................................


It suits their purpose. 0bama promoted racial division. Once he became president, all of a sudden all conservatives are all racist. It wasn't like this before he became president.

One of many


Bill G

Because they are puppets of the leftist elite, and they make millions of dollars spreading their hateful, divisive agenda.


Blacks all look the same to whites


It encourages the under classes to demand extra for nothing but their votes.


it perpetuates a ruling force an upper section the people of power gain more traction while the opposites fight they take the high road like Nazi Germany give the people something to hate other than us

Philip H

They are Biased Democrat Supporters and that is part of their propaganda scheme. Divide and conquer is the objective of all Leftists. That is Why Russia has spent decades creating division between Americans who would otherwise unite. Yes, there is good reason Why I call them the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine.

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

there isnt one? thats right, kiddy boo, cover and hide under the blanket, reality cant hurt you under there......thats what the Russians thought and still think today


People go into media to cover up their pedophilia records.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

You mean like that time ht media built stone mountain?


They have no ideas on "amendment" - a change made by correction, addition, or deletion. ( dictionary.com ) If a person has fixed his/her problems, he/she would be in a right way to serve.


It doesn't, the opposite is true which is why we see adverts promoting mixed race relationships with coffee coloured kids running around.


United we stand, divided we fall.


Can you be more specific? Or do you just prefer that we accept your statement, in spite of the fact that we know you are just one of those "Please protect me from the media!" people?

Cons Are Fools

No, Republicans perpetuate a racial divide.