If democrats were told facts by CNN about Trump's accomplishments and good things he has done as president, would they like him?

Black owned business ownership up. Minority employment up. Unemployment is lowering. Small businesses up. Economy booming. GDP crackin'. Market up. Manufacturing up. U.S. large oil producer now. Trade deals renegotiated. ISIS almost defeated. N. Korea 2nd summit of disarmament. Tackling high pill prices. Stronger military. Border addressed finally.


The fact that someone even watches CNN is proof that they don’t.

Christian sinner

You are right. But they won't care. They are like a sports fan. They only cheer for their team. They have no intellectual integrity. They are not Pro-America.


Probably; if we had the entire media on our side like these brainwashed left wing goons do, we would make every fruit loop, like the rape essay writer Bernie honeymoon in the Soviet Union Sanders and Andrew kill em' right up until birth Cuomo, look like the insane drug addicted lunatics they really are.


bigger deficits and bigger debt, bet your grandkids will be thrilled.

Jas B

So what are these accomplishments and good things. Having six of his closest associates during the election and his time in office indicted or convicted of multiple crimes. Being the only signatory who denies the Iran nuclear deal is working, which is supported by the independent inspectors. Starting trade wars with enemies and allies alike, which is leading to a slowing of economies around the world. Pulling out of the Paris Accord, do tell me how it is an accomplishment to ignore and deny what is the greatest threat to mankind? Or what about standing next to Putin and claiming he believes the president of a hostile foreign power over his own Security Forces. Or maybe you think he should be praised for all the lies he tells, over 8000 now. Or be praised for the lies and insults he aims at anyone who dares to stand up to him or contradict him? If or when Trump accomplishes something deserving of praise, he will get if.


CNN HAS reported all about Trump's accomplishments Trump University Trump Foundation putting children in detention camps shutting down the government supporting dictators groping women


the only thing i want to hear about trump is,he's going to jail or going to be impeached


nope - he's an idiot


You still can't name any, huh? LOL!


aint "CNN" and "facts" a contradiction? (your list missed out- he had to borrow $1TRILLLION in order to fund it and I must have missed how he addressed the border - how exactly has he done that when nothing has changed regarding the border for several year, its still where it was (SAYING what you wanna do and ACTUALLY doing it are 2 completely different things))

Jerry S

look at the bad things about him. what,s to like about him?


Data driven facts are important. Accomplishments provide their own good news typically. The market is not predicting good futures, the bond market is in disarray, the Corp. tax rate was cut in half for companies that relocate out of the country. 70 to 80% of all tax cuts went to the top 1% and is not trickling down. 83% of Corporations have no plans to reinvest into their companies. Russia and China have never been closer working together against America. Good things, for who that's right Trump Enterprises.


Such facts don't exist so no reliable, reputable news source is going to be able to present them. Also note that liberals use a variety of sources for information, including the right-wing media outlets. Liberals have the ability to recognize the lies, exaggerations, cherry-picking and propaganda by comparing sources and by recognizing what is actually going on in the real world. Edit: Remember when the New York Times was publishing front-page stories supporting Bush's plans to invade Iraq? The mainstream media was also beating the war drums. We liberals didn't fall for it.


And 6 bankruptcies, money laundering - hate mongering - racism - surrounded by criminals - putting incompetents in key positions. He inherited a great economy and he has added THREE TRILLION to the national deficit. He was the CEO of a company of 16 people and a completed scripted TV host where every decision was made by Mark Burnett. The man is a puppet and has committed treason. He is only looking to enrich himself, his family and the 1%. You are his servant. The servant of Satan. He preaches the exact opposite of Christ. Oh I forgot that most of the companies he gave HUGE tax breaks to for keeping jobs in the US have now reneged and have moved more jobs out. Most of the jobs that are available pay less than $40k/year. The GDP was higher under Obama more often. He is artificially suppressing oil prices by oversupply. You are just believing every lie he tells you about himself. Learn to f*cking think before you spew