What is CNN and Buzzfeed going to lie about today?



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Hi. They'll lie about the need to kill people in Syria and elsewhere while the US fights a huge budget deficit because of keeping military bases abroad and several armed conflicts. Democrats will approve their statements but with doubts as the network is known for its mistakes from which they apologize all the time although not all of them. They will oppose BREXIT and present it as extremism as they love insecurity in Britain and in the US caused by radical elements among migrants. They will say the shutdown of the government has more than a month just because of Trump, despite the concessions Trump was offering to the democrat party the amnesties they crave for all the time to immigrants. And for the months to come, after the shutdown had ended, given that Trump will build that frontier wall by decree, CNN will say it is a dictatorial measure, as if Obama never had done the same and for futile objectives.


Read their latest article, and you will find out.


But fox But Hillary But Obama Get off your horse it's far too high




Triggered! Only a portion of the article was disputed, and they didn't say which. Nice to see you put so much stock in Mueller's report, though, it will make it easier when he issues his final report and hauls off Donnie, Junior, Eric, Jared and Ivanka to prison.


They're going to say Trump is doing a great job.

Steven S

I think the question should be “what is trump going to lie about” considering how many he’s told so far. The media has facts backing them up.


Trump lies the most