Why did the media report that Nathan Phillips was a combat veteran of Vietnam, when a simple DD214 inquiry shows otherwise?

He was in the Marines stateside from 1972 to 1976 and himself only stated he was a "Vietnam times veteran," which was accurate.


The truth is not as interesting as a made up story that plays a brown man as a victim of white kids.


It should be noted that Don Shipley, retired USN SEAL, posted Phillips DD214 online. Phillips served and should be commended, though he was AWOL more than once. The media should inquire and get their information correct. Shipley did a great job as Phillips enlisted under a different name.


Liberals are morons, that's why.

David 420™

A lot of people got ahead of themselves with the whole "incident".


I think a lot of public money could be saved by filtering out all those who were stateside from 1972 to 1976 and kicking them out of the VA.

Jas B

Ironic comment from someone who presumably helped elect a man who after completing his education with sports scholarship, being involved in multiple sports, then suddenly had bone spurs which stopped him serving his country in the military.

The Lord Humungus.

Wait You Republicans used to claim being in the National Guard during Vietnam was just like being in combat. That serving on a political campaign was just like a tour. What happened to all the lies you used to tell abut Bush?