Why do news stations seem to make you HAVE to watch their news anchors with their quirky personalities , joking, etc?

I would rather just be able to see a radar screen and a back ground voice like the Weather channel does sometimes, and then show the 7 day forecast, but instead it seems you have to watch the news anchors, and they all have their quirky , ego centric way of acting . like they are some lame stand up comedian , or tv. sit down talk show host or something. why? WHY DONT THEY AT LEAST ACT MORE RESERVED AND SERIOUS? JUST REPORT THE NEWS AND NO LAID BACK JOKING, ETC


The inane bantering between the personalities who sit at the desk in front of the camera is a universal cliché. It gets even worse when the weather person shows up and is added to the drivelers. There must be a law that news shows have to do this. I can think of no other reason for it.


cuz men sit at home jerking off to female news anchors. wanna know something else, these female news casters fart on air.