Why do conservatives only believe in news that they want to believe?



A couple days ago, someone posted a "question" asserting that Fox News didn't report at all on a particular mass shooting. I quickly found and answered with a video of Fox News reporting on it. Leftist answerers didn't even acknowledge it. All of them assumed it was true.

Alvin Colmes

You mean like Russian collusion? You mean like that? LOL Who's been the loons living in a fantasy for the last 2 years? LOL


Because they’ve lost trust in liberal media outlets. That’s what you get when the media becomes politicised


lol liberal projection the gotoo mantra of the democrats; funny how the maga hat kids and indian tape came out libs dropped it like a hot potato


The media is so communist there is nothing to believe except the opposite of what the communist media spouts.


That is true of the far-left ,not the Conservatives


Conservatives believe in the truth..there are not many news agencies that deal in that anymore!


Why do progressives do the same thing?


That's how everyone is... no one believes everything they hear.


We like the truth

Moon Shot

Like the Covington kids? Oh wait, your side is STILL doubling down on it


Cuz fake news have been all the rage ever since Trump ran for office.

Lone Star Patriot

For the last 40 years the conservative media has indoctrinated rightists with propaganda and fake news. I don't think those media moguls realized how effective their disinformation campaigns would be, and now the world is paying the price.


Don't forget. The Unemployment numbers were fake until Trump became President and then magically they all became real.


At their cores, conservatives are people who want easy answers.


Believing is easy. Learning is hard. People like the path of least resistance.


they are members of a cult trained to be that way