Why does BBC have a propaganda against India?

Hate you BBC.


The BBC is a government propaganda tool

Yogi Best

answer is very simple.They still are in same mindset that India depend upon their pennies.They forget about they build up their kingdom while looting our great nation Bharat.BBC is propaganda tool of some hate mongers who do not like india Rising day by day.


India refused the benevolent hand of the United Kingdoms empire. Kicking dogs who bite the hand that feeds them is quite common. Especially, from peoples who believe themselves of superior Racial background. Aside: Did you notice that the Newest Series of "Doctor Who" now has a poltically correct Doctor. Joined by a Mixed Race Couple*, Indian Muslim "police constable", and the (now usual) craven Black minority. *So many complaints they killed off the Wife.

DGH is back !

I certainly didnt realise they did ! but if they do it can only because they are Muslim supporters as someone else says. I took the BBC as a public broadcaster to be pretty liberal these days.


They are liberal


I think a colonialist mentality of the British towards India


I think a colonialist mentality of the British towards India


It does not.

Andrew the Mullin

Does it, I hadn’t noticed. Maybe the problem is that a news service tends to report bad news, so it gives a bad impression about just about every country including the UK.


How so? Please provide a cogent argument.


It doesn’t, you might just object to the truth being shown.


You need to elaborate.