After seeiing the viral video of Arizona shelter workers abusing migrant children, are their parents really to blame for their deaths?

A widely condemned video of shelter employees in Arizona beating, dragging immigrant children has gained significant condemnation and rebuke of Donald Trump's blaming migrant parents for the deaths of migrant children such as Jakelin Caal. Why are Trump supporting, conservative "Christians" not speaking up for the children whom they claim to love? Is it because they are not White?


I blame Obama for telling these dupes to come to America so you can vote for Demoncrats.


There is only one thing wrong with that video, It was taken during the Obama Administration.

Godless Gazoo

Yep. They wouldn't be in an overloaded system if the parents didn't bring them. You think those shelter workers are bad....what about the cartels that took them across the border. PS: You do realize that the kids in those shelters don't even have parents with them. They pay cartel people to take them in hopes that they can get pulled in themselves. Who does this with their kids?????


If their parents hadn't given them to coyotes or dragged them here themselves, the little brats would probably be alive and sucking up burritos today. Both of the brats who died in custody were sick LONGGGGGGG before they were caught BREAKING OUR LAWS.

Jas B

One thing we can be sure of is that Donald Trump will not apologise for this happening on his watch, or will he show any compassion for these abused children or call for a thorough investigation into this abuse, as any decent president would already have done.


Trumptards will wait for FOX to give them their talking points, but it will fall among the following: "That never happened, it's fake news". "Those photos are from when Obama was president". "It's Hillary's fault, lock her up".