Is there ANY chances that Mark Fuhrman DID plant evidence on O.J. Simpson along with Vandetter?

how, if true, they could also know what size and kind of shoes he wore before and press those into the blood also? as that was the most damning evidence really out of any ? agree or not? I mean just hypothetically, let us say that yes they had planted all the evidence. how they would be able to know the very type and size of his shoes and then put the prints in the pools of blood and in his Bronco?that is the one thing they didn't have, the shoes that were found out later to be his THE SHOES WERE A VERY RARE BRAND AND TYPE AND THE SIZE 12 IS LIKE ONLY 9 PERCENT OF PEOPLE WEAR THAT SIZE. LATER THEY PRODUCED OVER 20 OR EVEN 30 PHOTOS OF O.J. SIMPSON IN THESE VERY SHOES (EVEN AFTER HIS DENYING HE EVER WORE THEM)


Yes, Fuhrman was an egotist who wanted involvement in the case. I think he probably did plant evidence, even if I also think that OJ Simpson probably did it. The evidence you print about shoes is part of the problem in convicting Simpson, it's circumstantial evidence. The hardest evidence was wrecked by Furnham, if he had not been invited to the scene simpson may be executed or in jail right now.

Little Princess

Is there any chance??? The video linked below shows the danger of providing such an answer.


They want to risk prison sure, end of a career, especially for someone they didn't really know and not to mention Fuhrman didn't know Vannatter before the OJ case...