Does anyone know the identities of the White Supremacist Covington Catholic Maga hat wearing students attacking a Native American elder?

So far I found some possible instagram profiles of these hideous White Supremacists, including: @michael_hodge30 @bs_2912 @balonso4517 @tyler.coleman23 as well ringleader: @nicholassandmann24 But more information would very much be appreciated by the public so that these individuals never go to college, never find jobs and remain destitute and poor. Thank You


Why do you want to know his identity...? Are you conspiring to commit criminal acts? Sure seems that way,there is no low the left will not stoop to.....disgusting behaviour,by disgusting people!


ANNIE is the epitome of the worst type of member YAHOO has on this site.


Put pressure on the school. That is probably more effective. Have you read the stories on Twitter from people in the area who say CovCath boys are known for being bullies? They'll pick targets and abuse them mercilessly, exactly the opposite of what the school says they're teaching.