Why do people believe the Sandy Hook shooting was fake?

I’ve seen a lot of people calling it ‘Sandy Hoax’ or something like that, why do they think it was fake?


Because some people are really stupid. One of my friends lives in Milford CT, across the street from one of the families. That poor little girl is really gone and the parents will never get over it. I have some activity suggestions for people who claim it's fake but Yahoo's language filter prevents me from listing them.


Because some people will believe literally anything.

Joseph hola

Why do people think the earth is flat? Why do people deny the Holocaust? People will believe in all sorts of things just to cause a stir or because they are misinformed.


There are people who believe in all types of crazy sh!t, there are people who think murder should be legal for example.

Jimmy C

It all comes from Alex Jones and his broadcast 'Infowars', where he makes up all sorts of ridiculous stories which he and his followers believe.


Because they found some amazing eye-opening information that turned out to be true on some conspiracy site. Never was it mentioned much elsewhere. So, they started to believe everything on the conspiracy site was true. It wasn't.


I really cannot imagine the kind of crazy that inhabits the conspiracy theory lunatic fringe. Such irrationality surpasses me.


Anyone, who was not 'there' or did not 'see' something happen - they claim fake. These people are complete IDIOTS!


Because the gun lobby consists of paranoid hysterics who can't believe that liberals can actually tell the truth. Of course many of the parents were Republicans, but never mind.

DGH is back !

I am not an American but remember this distressing case from a few years and rebuking the users at the time who had claimed it was fake to influence laws at that time going through the US congress about gun con control. I understand the graves of the children who were killed are in the local church.


They hate saints.

Donnie Porko

Some people will believe anything just because one idiotic ahole says so. Some people really love conspiracy theories. Look arbiter flat earth conspiracy or the moon landing.


IDK? I feel people always have weird ideas about tragedies that occur and make up so many conspiracy theories.

Uncle Crizzay in da Hizzay!

Some people are retards, and they all watch Alex Jones who is the biggest retard of them all.


They found a chocolate gun with his print's on. Not to mention bullets made from chocky buttons.