"There are people winning the lato for 32 million dollars but not enough money to feed the poor "?

I think are world is ****** up


why don't you work and give all your money to the poor then?


We need more latte, yes. Feed the world.


Birth control should be on the minds of the parents of the poor.


That is kind of a socialist view of things, that everything should be even and fair.

Forty Licks

The same thing is occuring in Europe but we can not do anything about it


Why should other feed the poor? People have been feeding the poor for a hundred years. Most poor that stay poor do so because they have no incentive to get out of poverty. Their homes are paid for by government. They get monthly money. They get free food from food banks and other sources. They get all sorts of free things from the government. They even don't have to pay any taxes. I've met many poor people in my life who were 3rd or 4 gen poor, who had no intention of working.


How do you know the winners don't contribute some of their winnings to Charities? I do agree that the world is in a heck of a mess right now.