Did you know Dr. Ford lied about Kavanaugh?

Dr. Ford claimed she was grouped by Kavanaugh nearly three decades ago at a place she couldn't remember, and a day she couldn't remember. This is all BS as real rape victims remember the location very vividly and never forget the day. And Liberals fund raised over $500,000 to "cover her costs." Did you know all that? How will this effect you in the future?

Weasel McWeasel

Did you know Trump LIES DAILY? Multiple times. Each and every day. Says he can solve this shutdown with a 15 minute meeting with Dems. Dems come for the meeting............he walks out of the room. What he means is............he can solve the Whole thing in 15 minutes or less, just as soon as Democrats cave and give him exactly what he wants,-.----while he gets to laud that over them forever. That's not any kind of "deal".


Perhaps she's not a real rape victim if she claims she was "grouped." What do you mean by that term, Zach?


'Groped' not "grouped'


You know nothing about psychological matters do you

Not You

That is not how memory works. People remember traumatic experiences wrong all the time.


Yes I knew it all along. Her story was carefully crafted by her and her lawyers to leave out any details that could be verified. You can refute facts but you cant refute vague crap with no proof.




Crissy Ford has dealt a setback to real victims of sexual assault. It will be more difficult now to take them seriously. Everyone will be suspected of having an ulterior motive.


Aww, did we forget to take our meds today? Better get your butt back to psych ward before ward nurse finds out.


She was really groped by Billy Boy Clinton and then threatened by Hitlery to lie about it.


Ford should be arrested.


Yes. All Democrats are liars. Their lips move, they are lying.




It doesn't even matter if Kavanaugh did anything to her, he had to be 15 or 16 when it happened. Boys will always be wanting sex no matter what, and he is a man now.

Doc Awesome

She seemed to have many mental issues. She may have convinced herself that the delusion was a real event.

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I don't know anything that's why I am on Yahoo Answers

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Well of course she lied,even an old fool like me could spot that. What an awful age you people live in where good peoples are abused due to lies and hear say.

No Summertime

We all know this, except for libtards. She was paid to testify. When the democrats found this person they manufactured her supposed story and some people were stupid enough to buy it. She was paid on her gofundme page by the Democrats to testify and lie.