How did the size of the Natalee Holloway story compared to the Jonbenet Ramsey story ? why think so?

and how about the Laci Peterson or any other "missing person/murder investigation story"? why these were just on every year, year after year since the O.J. Simpson trial? am I right? the news just turned into "soap opera news" pretty much after I right? why? BTW, WHO WAS THE MORE DISGUSTING PARENT : PATSY RAMSEY OR "BETH TWITTY HOLLOWAY"? WHY? (BOTH IGNORANT, LOUD MOUTHED SOUTHERN BELLE S? )


They were on every year because the very rich and big Court TV and CNN used, exaggerated,and marketed such stories to make themselves rich. Once CNN, Court TV, Nancy Grace milked all the money they could out of exploiting tabloid crime stories, they dropped them and moved on. For example poor Laci Petersons common murder made Nancy Grace about $3 billion through exploitation.


Those were all huge of course. But the nationalization of missing persons cases, especially for children, started with the 1981 abduction/murder of Adam Walsh. Part of this is because his father John Walsh became a leading advocate on the subject. Another reason was the decision to start putting the images of missing kids onto milk cartons. But clearly there were earlier abductions. Communication just wasn't sufficient back then for them to become more than regional stories.