If there is such a thing as "Separation of Church and State" why did nobody get upset when a school FORCED its students to wear Hijabs?

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1223833644449494&id=313210635511804 I'm starting to believe the left just hate Christianity and dont care when it's about Islam which makes them hypocrites.


Fake news and phony news on Facebook


Dear Idiot, (and Idiot Pennybags) If you had actually read your link, you'd see the school wasn't in the United States LOL


A Facebook link? Sounds like crazy irrational fake news nonsense that only a contard would believe is real. This one is definitely reading high on the BS detector.


Its such a shame when theists get all fired up over unsupported nonsense.


I'm sorry if some school officials forced Canadian school children to learn about other cultures. My grandmother wore a head scarf every time she went out of the house.

myrrdin emrys

your story came out of Canada, not the USA. try again.

Judy & Charlie

You post a Facebook story and you expect us to accept it as truth instead of bullshit?


First of all, this was in Canada, not the United States. Secondly, they weren't "forced" to do anything. Try finding a real source, and not a biased facebook rant.


FORCED? My guess is the school sent home notes to parents or E mailed them. I don't really care, you do know that is Canada? It was not an attempt to push religion.


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the photo maybe genuine real - but nobody can be "forced" to wear anything to do with a religion


Is that why fundies want to FORCE prayer in schools? Because they want separation of church and state?


They try and pretend there is but it aint.


Oh, how horrible! Students were forced to wear hijabs for ONE WHOLE DAY, in celebration of Diversity. Get back to me when they are forced to kneel the three times of prayer that would occur during a day, every day, the way I was forced to stand silently while the rest of the class recited the Lord's Prayer, because my religion didn't believe in it! Talk about hypocrisy!

Uncle Pennybags

I've said many times that if the Democrats didn't have Double Standards, they'd have no standards at all.