Politics: did they ever catch the white male who shot the black girl in texas?

but it was a white man who did it, thats what the "real" news kept telling us so it must be 100% true


Stop baiting us with race, hasn't our society been fractured ENOUGH?


Jazmine was murdered by a Black man.


Prosecutors charged a 20-year-old black man, Eric Black Jr., in the Dec. 30 death of Jazmine Barnes. Family and community activists had previously said they believed the death was racially motivated, and investigators had been searching for a white man with blue eyes who was driving a red pickup. But during a court hearing early Sunday, prosecutors said Black admitted to investigators that he was driving a vehicle in which a passenger opened fire on the car Jazmine was in. The vehicle he said he was driving was a dark-colored Kia SUV. Prosecutors did not immediately explain the discrepancies between the earlier description of the suspect and the vehicle. https://krcrtv.com/news/nation-world/man-charged-with-murder-in-the-death-of-jazmine-barnes


No it was a black man. The mother was more into calling out fake racism than the dead kid in the back of the car.

acid victim 25

No, but they caught the Black dude who paid him to do it


In Tx that’s just regarded as sport


yes whitey is so oppressed you cuck loser LOL lets say it really did happen with 100 percent proof. . are you saying you are going to defend whitey for killing a black girl??


It’s insane how the media jumped on the racebaiting ban wagon! I find it suspect that the mother automatically said the crime was motivated by white supremacy. They found the black guy who did it. The murder appears to be gang related and the killers mistaked the identity of the people in the car.


No. White males do not wrong. Everyone killed by them deserved it.


blacks kill whites at 8 -1 ratio animals


The media loves to go after whitey if a colored is involved, other way around the story is dog bites man, ho hum, heard that before.