If Spain was invaded by Muslims again, would Latin America rush to defend her from harm?

Or would the children abandon Mother España to her fate? But Britain is the US and Canada's mother country, and neither would abandon the Brits in event of war

Sunday Crone

Probably not as they are separate countries and other than language have very little in common. On they other hand the US CAnada and Britain have maintained a very close cultural connection.

Holloway Road

Spain is under Muslim illegal migrant invasion from Africa like the rest of us here in Europe. Half of them are brought here by our own navies


the moops .


They would gleefully abandon the country that raped and brutalized their ancestors.


Wrong section. Try Cultures and Groups

Moistened Bint Lobbed A Scimitar At Me

You sure do have a wild imagination.


The reason Latin America primarily speaks Spanish is because the Spaniards colonized, raped, and pillaged Latin America. Why should they rush to Spain's aid?


why would they?


Latin America won’t even defend itself from its own rampant crime and corruption


Why would they. Spain exploited her colonies like a b\tch.