How is fox handling today's reports released by Mueller?

Trump supporters, over the next several weeks, stay away from ledges, sharp objects and other dangerous items.


I'm neither a Trump supporter nor a Trump hater. I'm aware of the sentencing reports released today. Is there something else I should be aware of??


George Papadopoulos was released from federal prison early today, manafort will hardly see any prison time, cohen the same, You demlibs are going to be but hurt when Hillary is hauled off to prison


It's all a big...y a w n. Doh. AnonnieGurl, call us when something of significance happens, hear! n e x t


Has nothing to do with Trump

Jas B

Well I watched them for a while last night and some "expert" was claiming that even if Trump did all the things, which the evidence is pointing to, there was nothing illegal in any of them. Ten minutes was all I could cope with.

Bubba Ray

Fox will double up on the reports on the Honduran caravan.


Not sure why you think today's reports are bad for Trump supporters? Nothing in those reports show collusion and nor is their any evidence of collusion. Trump was actually cleared of any collusion early on in the investigation. And the people who have been charged etc so far are for crimes or misdemeanors that happened before they were even part of Trump's campaign. Trump can't be impeached or charged for collusion based on a fake dossier created by a russian spy which was sold to Hillary Clinton's campaign in an effort to derail the American elections to keep Trump out of office. If you want collusion, that is the collusion.


I have been flipping between the 3 cable news shows. FOX is worried for Trump, but is trying to keep up a "stiff upper lip". Like @MIKE L says, "Has nothing to do with Trump...except for the specific parts which mention Trump".