I called Covington Cathlic School to complain about White Supremacists but they won't answer their phones, what are they hiding from?



You might think you’re funny, but in reality, you are part of the problem.


They are hiding from crazy people making ridiculous allegations. Who can blame them? You seem to have serious issues, instead of calling schools and complaining about kids give your doctor a call. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20190120154604AAQPw8N https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20190120131802AARPQZE Quite an obsession you have, no doubt in part because you are racist but clearly not the full shilling.


Deaths threats from morons made them close the school for the day. Thanks in advance for keeping Trump in the White House through 2024, and for encouraging Kentucky to stay red.👍


The school is CLOSED today because of threats. Keep calling. Maybe the janitor will pick up later on.


You know that none of what CNN said was true you would have to live in a cave not to know. Why are you being obtuse about this whole issue. The Covington Catholic schools kids were waiting for the bus to take them home when a big bunch SJW leftists came up on them and started their crap. The whole event from start to finish is on video.

lib man

Idiots like you.


"ANNIE" is the worst possible type of user on this site.

Dru Zod

Violent left wingers are terrorizing them... why do you attack children

SMH Corp

People complaining about white supremacists.

Bubba Ray

They fear big money families with money will pull their funds and leave if they are not allowed to be racists.