Was O.J. really innocent? how it would be possible?

how much time did they have to frame him if they did? (let us just assume hypothetically that both the main detectives involved in the case decided to frame O.J. with his own blood ...how much time and how possible for them to do this? and also, what about the shoe prints ? the very same size and style of very rare shoes that O.J. was even pictured wearing in a newspaper?, how they could have put those prints there too? (maybe they could have taken these shoes from O.J.s closet and then gone back to crime scene and put them in the blood? (or were the shoe prints already photographed before anyone had time to do that? how so? **ALSO, I am white and I have been very objective and I have watched and read a lot about O.J. Simpson trial and all the details and evidence and I lastly watched the personal interviews with O.J after the trial and I have to say that after watching him personally talking about the case and answering questions. I truly believe that he sounds and looks INNOCENT. why is this?


he was a massive control freak and he lost it when His ex wife had a bf.


Come up with another viable suspect, that's the best way to convince anyone. How many decades and serial killers and familiar DNA later and there's not even a suggestion of whoever could have done it.


You don't say who would want Simpson framed and why if that were true wasn't he better framed.

Dead Mike

My understanding he was guilty as sin but police misconduct tainted the trail. At least he finally got what he deserved in Vegas.


He can't be innocent. There was no way to frame him with the evidence they had. They didn't have a witness to the crime and never found the murder weapon but they had a lot of evidence which would be impossible to explain without OJ being the killer (or at least present when the killing happened). OJ was seen in the neighborhood where the murder took place minutes afterwards (contradicting his account that he was sleeping). OJ's blood was found at the crime scene. Nichole Brown and Ron Goldman's blood was found on socks at OJ's house, on a bloody glove found at the crime scene, on a matching glove found at OJ's residence, and inside OJ's car. Hairs from an African American man were found at the crime scene as well as carpet fibers which matched OJ's car. Witness statements show that OJ's car was not parked outside the house at the time of the murders but was parked there by someone at about the time that an African American man of OJ's size and build was seen sneaking back into the compound shortly after the murder. A bloody shoe print matching OJ's shoe size and a rare type of expensive shoe that he owned, was found in the blood at the murder scene. There's no way to explain this evidence other than OJ having been at the murder scene at the time of the murder. The idea that this evidence could be planted really defies logic. It would require a bunch of cops to essentially instantly decide to frame OJ the night of the murder and would require them to drive back and forth several times planting evidence. It would also require them to have OJ's blood on hand the night of the murder in order to plant it. Also, the gloves which were found covered in blood were from a rare expensive brand which he owned, only a couple hundred of which had been made. The shoes were similarly of a rare and expensive brand, only a few hundred of which had been made in OJ's size. The idea of a frame up doesn't even make much sense from a logical point of view. The cops weren't out to get OJ. They had helped cover up his history of domestic abuse. The defense argued that Fuhrman did it because he was a racist. It's certainly true that Mark Fuhrman was a hard core racist, but just because you're a racist cop doesn't mean you frame every black guy you come across. Fuhrman had interacted with lots of black guys who he had never framed or accused of crimes, including OJ, who he had previously dealt with and let go on a domestic violence call. Also, at the time the cops would have had to frame OJ they didn't know where he was or who killed Nichole. OJ could have been anywhere. He could have been in New York, or Europe or someplace with a hundred witnesses to alibi him. In fact, they justified entering his compound on the night of the murder based on the fear that he might have been a victim of the same people who attacked Nichole and Ron. OJ could have been dead too for all they knew. Why on earth would they decide to frame him when they could get easily caught like that? They also didn't know who had committed the crimes or what other evidence might have been found. For all they knew there might be an eyewitness, or even videotape, that proved that someone other than OJ did it. The real killer might have already been caught elsewhere for all they knew. Again, why would they risk their careers and freedom by framing OJ when they didn't know if that was even plausible?


He was not innocent of anything. He had a history of domestic violence. That glove does not fit evidence was crap, made up by Cochran as showboating. What's going to be a hoot is the day he shows up at the gates of Hell, to finally answer for all that he did over many years.