If a hot Jewish teenage girl began fighting a Muslim man in revenge for Islamic terror attacks, who would you help?



I'd watch and help her if the girl is losing.


I'd just call the cops and not get invloved


not u and your dumb questions. what about if u did your homework you might get a good job situation.

Sonny Sydup

I smiled at the answerer who typed 'Muslim males are usually in gangs...' So - not like chavs, or one-parent hairy-arsed and tattoo'd hoolies from council estates on the edge of cities (like Croydon, Plumstead - or anywhere else where such thugs live?) As for the question - how would this 'hot teenage girl' have known this 'Muslim man' had even thought of 'Islamic terror'. And would a Catholic be allowed to assist in 'bringing them to the table'?


Munch popcorn


I would help them both by sitting her down and talking some sense into her little hot head.


The Muslim man. Vigilantes are illegal.



the internet

How would I know who is the girl and who is the man? How would I know why she attacked him? Why do I have to help? Will there be popcorn? Are you sober? Too many questions.


I wouldn’t give a damn.


The real Jews and Muslims originate from Abraham. If you look into it the real 12 tribes are Blacks, Hispanics, Natives and Pacific Islanders