If gasoline and diesel prices double to over $6 per gallon next year how will this effect you?



In the UK we would LOVE fuel prices to be $6 a gallon.


It won't be that high but the Republicans were going to raise the federal gas tax in next years tax reform round 2.

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi so as your fuel is so cheap you will feel no pain.


They won’t, the U.S. has plenty of oil resources. Thanks in part to Trump pushing through the Dakota acsess pipeline, that Obanga would not allow.


I will be screwed since I'm so poor.


Since retiring, I fill my gas tank about 1.5 times per month. So it won't affect me that much. A few years ago, gas was just over $4/gallon. Did I use it less? Yes and no. My car took me where I needed to be at any given time. But it did hurt seeing a nearly $80 bill on the gas pump at the time.


It will still be less than the Uk


I will need to drink tea instead.


It will definitely affect me but it will not effect me.