Pope Francis welcomed by hundreds of 1000's in United Arab Emirates?

. 130,000 to attend His Holy Mass they the lucky ones who have tickets how amazing in a Muslim country ? !. Did you know Pope Francis used to be a bouncer ? . Fearless man @ Psalm 91 bless him ?

Chris Ancor

and your stupid question is ....?


Lots if Filipinos work in the Middle East.


repeated question .....................................


Perhaps he's gone there to sell them guns to make a few bob.

The First Dragon

No doubt he will make some mutually beneficial deals there. He already threw Chinese Catholics under the bus - who knows what he has in mind in the UAE? It is impressive, though, that the UAE is allowing such a large public mass. I feel sure the UAE is getting something of value from the Pope.


It's good to see there are Muslim countries that aren't consumed with religious hatred towards others