Why would someone have 3 different cars inside a year?

Is that suspicious?


Why not, if ''someone" can afford it. It's nice to have a change especially if the cops are on your tail.

Mr. Smith

All kinds of reasons. They break down People get tired of their cars Some people resell them for more It can go on and on.


I have known people to do that. They have all been very wealthy and extremely dissatisfied with their lives. They seem to keep trying to buy happiness, and of course, it doesn't happen.


Lots of money, addiction, or they are good thieves

robert x

iv had 5 new cars in one year... i hated four of them and kept the 5th.. nowt suspicious about me... im just very choosy about what car i like to drive..


I think Andrew (Nathan) could have that amount to cover up his constant trolling and his lack of a friend to the extent "he" puts a skirt on and pretends to be women friends. And his jealousy of other users more successful than he/she. Is that not true Joeke?

Serene E

Uh....suspicious??? Weird.


for show

DGH is back !

It could be for medical reasons. a 74 year old person could be unable to use his clutch foot and is forced to buy an automatic and not be happy with the first car so buys another to suit his driving. There is usually a simple solution to all rumours.


Get Irish travellers to nick them No tax


I know a taxi driver who very quickly changed his car after a woman was murdered I saw the first car in a scrapyard and I knew that car there was a few years work left in it as of then and police were asking about a Ford Cortina MK5 in metallic that's what it was and it was stacked up high to be crushed so any forensic evidence in that car would be destroyed also the PHOTOFIT picture of a man seen with the woman in a public house shortly before she was murdered down a dark lane that now has new build houses on it @ BRIAN OWEN of Warrington was very alike of the PHOTOFIT and he was a weird loner was married and he was questioned and released then he switched cars and made sure the metallic Mk 5 Ford Cortina was crushed He was a loner the taxi drivers would congregate during off periods when it's quiet and shared coffee and chatted he sat in his car alone He was nicknamed "Carlos" I never knew why and he was volatile he is the living image of that PHOTOFIT from the Crown & Cushion Brian Owen Orford Road Warrington When asked what it was like being questioned about a murder he was really edgy and snapped "I don't want to f------ talk about it ok" ! I passed this information to the police they didn't follow up on it all they have as forensic evidence (NO CAR) is a piece of cord and a glove but the car was KEY evidence and he had it crushed MORE (Edits) ; A Base Operator woman told me "he's bloody creepy and violent i've got something on him from years ago" but I was only dropping her off as a lift home and never got to the bottom of that mystery its one of those gossip towns I'm not from there I had a mechanic there who had moved there from Liverpool he serviced a lot of their taxis