Should Leslie Van Houten, youngest murderer of Charles Manson gang be granted early parole...?

....Van Houten was convicted of fatally stabbing grocery owner Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary, in their Los Angeles home on Aug. 10, 1969. The words "Death to Pigs," and "Healter Skelter" - a misspelled reference to a Beatles song - were found scrawled in the victims' blood on the walls and refrigerator. I think she should die in prison. Your thoughts?


What don't we understand? Life in prison. If she doesn't like that then give her a room with a noose in the corner.




She’s been there along time and has probably acclimated to that environment. What would an over the hill woman do on the outside?


She should have gone to the gas chamber, as per her original sentence. I suspect the La Bianca children - not Suzan - will speak out against her for killing their father. If the governor has any sense, he will keep her locked up. She is not a 'great beauty' any longer and should die soon.