What is the "Switch superNAP 9" building on Warm Springs and Jones in Las vegas? It terrifies me just looking at it!?

I read on Google that it is a data center, but I am skeptical and very uneasy with this. I go most places by bus, so I haven't seen anything like this before. I am in my friends car and we drive by this enourmosly long building, quite frankly, looks like a prison. Each dorm looking section has a big vent with bright red lights illuminating it. Then, to make it a little more prison-like, in the middle of this incredibly long and ominous building is a watchtower. The unusually high fence around this compound is heavily laden with barbed wire as well as huge sharp spikes which are pointed both outward and inward. It's obvious, whoever built this monster doesn't want anyone coming in of going out without their consent and knowledge... EVER. Then there is the name.... "SWITCH SUPERNAP 9". I MEAN, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES SOMETHING UNUSUALLY ALARMING HERE?


i see all the time too,yeah i hear it is a mass data mining/storage place,but it sure does not want anyone breaking in......or getting out.....it has gov military facility written all over it....without actual words...