Should the Sentinel Indians face extradition to the U.S. for capital murder & war crimes?

See how long the "spear throwers" survive in federal prison


No crimes were committed on US territory....

Atheist Anthony

How about the missionary face prosecution for illegally entering a sovereign nation? Oh, too late....


They did not violate any law in America but apparently the missionary tread where he was not welcome and broke 'their' laws.


Sure, you go right ahead and see if any court anywhere will grant that.


There is no extradition treaty with that remote reclusive tribe. God judges murder with death and hell.


India has allowed sentinel islanders autonomy and protection, so it would be up to India to decide if prosecution was in order. That is very unlikely though. Any reasonable court system would deem these people unfit to stand trial due to their gross ignorance of the modern world.


Indians can still be extradited.

Holloway Road

If he claimed asylum on their land and they killed him then the UN should order an invasion of Sentinel territory and their leader jailed for life by The Hague for crimes against a refugee


Don't be ridiculous.


NO they should not. People should not trespass on their land.


It can't happen. on the way here, they would die from our diseases. Besides, they were only protecting their people and their territory.