Should the song, "Come Oh Ye Faithful" be banned for blatantly discriminatory lyrics against atheists?


A.J. Mansions

They're all old outdated songs and they mention Israel in a completely different context and time not like today This is what I call the silly season when people act daft sing daft and shop daft as if the end of the world's coming I just go out and look for the people who are made to feel as sad unwanted not cared about and lonely as possible and I go to the Mass to enjoy seeing sober civilised families I don't eat meat I don't pig out I don't drink the only other people who I buy anything for are my Son and I give money to the nuns Everything gets disrupted there are drunks everywhere Two days after the 25th December just look at everything piles of litter and recyclable waste depleted personal funds overdrafts credit card bills and stuff everywhere that is of no interest to anyone for another 363 days and miserable faces For what and about what why doesn't Britain deal with this time the way the Dutch do it in a Calvinist way and behave as normal England is a heathen country better suited to the Germanic way WHY such bloody ridiculous looking and daft sounding hypocrites


"Come all ye faithful"


No song should be banned and i wish you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS

Weasel McWeasel

what about "Do You Hear What I Hear? ". How insensitive to the hearing impaired and DEAF! It's like you're MOCKING them!


Who gives a shi.t


LOL Personally, I think everyone with a mind of their own should deliberately go out of their way to do everything that has now been somewhat banned by the PC lunatics. If a song is banned because it might offend someone,..go out of your way to deliberately play that song all the time whenever it can be heard in public.

Punkin eater

I thought it was because it's ponographic.


The Democrat theme song should be "Dare to be Stupid." (You Tube)


Personally I believe in the GOD that created the aliens that created us.


my grand mother wrote that.


The key word is "come". If not faithful, please don't come (or go). By banning, you are also discriminating faithful. Anyway, the basic spirit of Christmas is faith, hope and love. For atheists, they can celebrate X'mas or Santa Claus Day or annual harvest. In fact, the birth of Jesus should be in Easter , the day when he was cruxified. Just for convinient, traditionally placed the birth in harvest for celebrating harvest which traditionally considered as the blessing of God.

Mr. Interesting

No. That song is not addressing atheists at all. It has nothing to do with them. Is "Happy Birthday" discriminatory to people that are not celebrating their birthday?


It is a great song


The atheists don't believe that Christ is the Lord and that God, or any gods, exist. If people want to "Come and behold Him / Born the King of Angels... O come let us adore Him / Christ the Lord.", they would become "the Faithful" and not remain "the Atheists". The invitation is open to all to become "Ye Faithful" and "adore Him"..


Atheists are no more offended by it than other songs about imaginary beings. We may even like some hymn tunes.

Homer Bufflekill

In a showing of solidarity, all atheist / socialist / liberals should join together and hang themselves.


It’s about Christ’s birth, not discriminating against non believers. We have freedoms of religion and to express our beliefs here in America.


Calling people Ye Faithful is discriminatory against atheists? Maybe it refers to the electoral college people who are faithful or faithless.


That ain't the correct title, Skippy.


No. Are you trying to ask if the first amendment allows goverments to ban songs? it does not.

The Whoflew Bird

Is that right. What, did you hear that on Hannity or something? :|